About us

EnduroSat is on a mission to transform the complex satellite industry into a streamlined data service, enabling instant access and transactions with space data on the cloud from hundreds of sensors in orbit

All made possible by unique satellite technology and a great engineering team

Founder's message


Access to space should be a basic human right

Space provides us with unprecedented opportunity to outgrow differences and excel. It teaches us humbleness and broadens our perspective. I feel fortunate to work in an organization that empowers brilliant space engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs to explore further every day.

Arthur C. Clarke once wrote “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, so I tend to believe that we create a bit of magic.

At EnduroSat we work hard to bring space closer to you. I hope that all our efforts, innovation, and endurance will inspire you to explore the final frontier!

Raycho Raychev

Founder & CEO


Founded in 2015 at the edge of Europe, EnduroSat's history is a proof that resilience and hard work can get you a long way

Our core values

  • Simplicity
  • Courage
  • Expertise
  • Communication

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. We strive for it every day. It permeates all aspects of our operations - from the design & engineering of the satellites to the customer experience we deliver on the cloud.

200 +

Clients and
Growing Fast

130 +

Team of Top-tier

450 +

Years of Combined
Engineering Experience

Our vision

Universal access to space will inherently improve human life

Our Mission

Empower humans to connect and progress through space technology

What We Do

We provide exceptional NanoSats and space services to entrepreneurs, explorers and scientists

The Way Forward

Space made radically simpler!

Our Space Data as a Service provides easy access to space for visionary entrepreneurs, scientists, and technologists, helping them drive innovation further than ever before. Fly your sensors to orbit fast and at fixed cost! No hidden fees, no complexity!

Our Team

  • raycho-raychev-ceo-founder-endurosat-team-06-22

    Space is getting ever more accessible. We are working on it, hard!

    Raycho Raychev

    CEO and Founder

  • vanya-buchova-chief-program-officer-endurosat-06-22

    I know the sky is not the limit because there are footprints on the Moon.

    Vanya Buchova

    Chief Program Officer

  • yordan-kanchev-cfo-endurosat-06-22

    To dare is to do.

    Yordan Kanchev

    Chief Financial Officer

  • viktor-danchev-cto-endurosat-06-22

    Per Aspera ad Astra

    Viktor Danchev

    Chief Technical Officer

  • Viktoriya Marklieva-System Engineer-endurosat

    Our work is a marathon. Every day we overcome various challenges with the ultimate goal to make space more accessible to everyone on Earth

    Viktoriya Marklieva

    Systems Engineer

  • Giuseppe Sisinni Head of Sales-endurosat

    Brilliant team, full of top-tier talents. Professionalism, expertise, and motivation to take it to the next level

    Giuseppe Sisinni

    Head of Sales

  • anja-aakarada-pecujlic-business-developer-endurosat-team-06-22

    Outer space as the province of all mankind needs to be sustainably utilised and preserved for future generations, which is what we are doing at EnduroSat

    Anja Nakarada Pecujlic

    Head of Business for DACH region

  • Viktor Stoev Embedded Software Engineer-endurosat

    In a sense, we are like the first space pioneers, we have to overcome engineering challenges and to do this we have the freedom to turn our ideas from concept to implementation

    Viktor Stoev

    Embedded Software Engineer

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Our Advisors


EnduroSat has a concept which fits perfectly to the current starting shift of paradigm in space: more commercialisation, one-stop-offer including data management, flexible and agile realisation of space missions.

Jan_Woerner_esa-endurosat-advisory-boardProf. Dr.-Ing. Johann-Dietrich WörnerAdvisory Board Member EnduroSat

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johann-Dietrich Wörner

Advisory Board Member EnduroSat

Short bio

Dr. Wörner's space career spans over several decades. He has served as chairman of the executive board of the DLR (German Aerospace Center) from 2007 unitl 2015. In 2015, he succeeded Jean-Jacques Dordain as Director General of the European Space Agency, where he served until 2021. Dr. Wörner received six honorable doctorates, from leading technical universities across the globe.

During his impressive career, Dr. Wörner has been awarded numerous prizes including Federal Cross of Merit (Officer's Cross, 1st class) for his continuous efforts regarding the next generation of scientists, as well as the honours of Knight of the French Légion d'Honneur.

I am delighted to join EnduroSat's Advisory Board. EnduroSat's dedication to developing a common and sustainable space infrastructure will enable enterpreneurs and technologists while connecting space capabilities to non-space businesses more than ever before. I believe that Endurosat will help validate the space-as-a-service business model and demonstrate many new use cases for space

Kevin-O'Connell-endurosat-Advisory-Board-MemberKevin O'ConnellAdvisory Board Member EnduroSat

Kevin O'Connell

Advisory Board Member EnduroSat

Short bio

Kevin has an impressive career spanning over 35 years. He has been working with and advising the U.S. government, research organizations and private space businesses. Kevin is also a successful entrepreneur, business leader and an inspiring space visionary.

He served as the Director of the Office of Space Commerce at the US Department of Commerce. Prior to that assignment, Kevin held several positions within the US national security and research communities, including on the National Security Council and in the Office of the Vice President.

EnduroSat has a great mission, and I’m thrilled to join as an advisor and to use my experience to help them scale their constellation and business quickly

James Mason EnduroSat Advisory Board memberJames MasonAdvisory Board Member EnduroSat

James Mason

Advisory Board Member EnduroSat

Short bio

James is the SVP of Space Systems at Planet and is joining our Advisory Board to help us grow further and faster. For the last decade he has been innovating new mission concepts, building and leading teams, and creating the largest remote sensing constellation in history. He joined Planet, a leading satellite imagery and geospatial company, in 2011 as a systems engineer. Since then he led Planet’s mission operations, building the teams, processes and infrastructure needed to launch and operate over 500 satellites deployed to date, and today is responsible for all of Planet’s space systems engineering, including all aspects of developing, manufacturing, and operating Planet's fleet of imaging satellites and supporting ground station network.

Prior to Planet James was a researcher at NASA Ames Research Center specializing in orbital dynamics and orbital debris remediation. He holds a Master of Space Studies from the International Space University, a BSc-Honours in Astrophysics from the National Astrophysics and Space Science Program, and a BSc in Physics and Applied Mathematics from the University of Cape Town.

Our investors


CEECAT invests in companies in Emerging Europe partnering with visionary founders to help promote growth, good governance, and social responsibility.

The Fund’s themes are driven by core convergence, customer orientation, export competitiveness, and import substitution in the fast-growing markets of Emerging Europe.

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CEECAT invests in companies in Emerging Europe partnering with visionary founders to help promote growth, good governance, and social responsibility.

The Fund’s themes are driven by core convergence, customer orientation, export competitiveness, and import substitution in the fast-growing markets of Emerging Europe.

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