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    Our Team

    • Hristiyana-Ivanova-endurosat-sales-engineer

      Hristiyana Ivanova

      Sales Engineer

      Hristiyana holds a master's degree in Astronomy and is part of the 2021 Forbes 30 under 30 selection. She is passionate about space, science communication and entrepreneurship.

    • Emmanuel Sauzay-endurosat

      Emmanuel Sauzay

      Chief Growth Officer

      Emmanuel`s career is spanning over 25+ years in the Space sector, and with leading aerospace engineering and business development positions. Emmanuel has been working in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America. He has been focusing on business innovation applied to commercial satellites, currently in the leadership role of Chief Growth Officer at EnduroSat.

    • Stanimir Ganchev-sales-manager-endurosat

      Stanimir Ganchev

      Co-founder & Sales Manager

      A passionate space professional with experience in design review and project management. Dedicated to providing assistance in identifying the optimal system configuration.

    • Giuseppe Sisinni-head-of-sales-endurosat

      Giuseppe Sisinni

      Head of Sales

      Giuseppe has been involved in all aspects and phases of designing, building, and operating CubeSats. He has an engineering background and experience as a Mission Director.

    • Hristo Bantutov-sales-engineer-endurosat

      Hristo Bantutov

      Sales Engineer

      Hristo has 10+ years of experience in Business Development, Sales and Account management. As a Senior Space Sales Engineer at EnduroSat Hristo is responsible for managing the relationships with partners and potential and existing customers of the company, as well as representing the company on various industry events.

    • Anja Nakarada Pecujlic-business-developer-endurosat

      Anja Nakarada Pecujlic

      Head of Business for DACH region

      Anja is a Fellow Researcher in Space Law & Policy and has acquired her PhD in Space Law form the University of Cologne. Dr. Pecujlic has 3+ years as a Project Manager in ESA Convention Commentary project and 5 + years as a leader of Serbian Space NGO.

    • Stanislav Dimitrov-sales-engineer-endurosat

      Stanislav Dimitrov

      Space Systems Engineer

      Stanislav is studying theoretical physics and has a background in the educational sector. His main scientific interests are in the field of Electrodynamics, Particle Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

    • Atanas Radulow-sales-engineer-endurosat

      Atanas Radulow

      Sales Engineer

      Atanas is a notable graduate of the American College of Sofia and Boston University, where he acquired is Major degree in Economics. He successfully graduated EnduroSat's educational program - Space Challenges and now is an integral part of our Sales Force.

    • alexander-savov-endurosat-support-lead

      Alexander Savov

      Support Team Lead

      Alexander has been delivering top-tier customer support for the past 9 years. He has solid experience in supporting a variety of user platforms, tailor-made solutions, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS cloud products. Alex has a deep understanding of the requirements and expectations of our customer portfolio.

    • Svetla Nikolova-sales-strategy-endurosat

      Svetla Nikolova

      Sales Strategy Specialist

      An experienced salesperson with 12+ years of proven track record in strategic sales, account management, and business development. Svetla is responsible for discovering new business opportunities and potential partnerships.

    • viktoriya-dimov-endurosat-systems-engineer

      Viktoriya Dimov

      Space Systems Engineer

      Viktoriya graduated from Delft University of Technology with a BSc degree in Aerospace Engineering and continued her studies in Power and Propulsion for aerospace systems. She is experienced in creating mathematical models, using mission analysis software, and writing technical reports. She performs orbital, pointing and thermal simulations, prepares concepts of operations, and generates requirements for the EnduroSat shared satellite missions.

    • delyan-momchilov-public-relations

      Delyan Momchilov

      Marketing & Communications Lead

      Delyan has 10 + years of experience in brand development, digital marketing, PR, event management, and video production. He has led projects for high-profile customers in the field of education, technology, and FMCG. As a long-time space enthusiast, he is relishing his role at EnduroSat and supporting the development of the next-gen space scientists with Space Challenges Program.

    EnduroSat HQ

    VAT BG203367904

    1A Flora Str.

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    EnduroSat Inc

    EIN 87-1302462

    3500 South Dupont Highway

    Dover, Kent
    Delaware, United States

    EnduroSat Italy

    VAT IT09633821211

    Via Dei Mille, 16

    Naples, Italy

    EnduroSat Trading

    VAT BG205605489

    1A Flora Str.

    Sofia, Bulgaria

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