X-Band Transmitter


X-Band Transmitter includes

  • 5 hours of engineering support
  • Technical information
  • Packed in a custom box

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 8025 - 8400 MHz;
  • Maximum Transmit Power: 2W;
  • Transmit data rate: up to 50Mbps;
  • SFDR: > 60dBc;
  • Power Supply: 12V;
  • Power Consumption during Tx: up to 12W;
  • Data Interface: LVDS, SPI, CAN, I2C;
  • DVB-S2/S2X, CCSDS compliant;

Note: 5-days delivery does not apply for this product due to customer-related specific requirements. Please contact us for more details.

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