Onboard Computer (OBC)


Onboard Computer (OBC) includes

  • 5 hours of engineering support
  • Technical information
  • Packed in a custom box

Technical Specifications

  • ARM Cortex M4/M7 processor;
  • Frequency rate: up to 180 MHz for M4, up to 216 MHz for M7;
  • 2MB Program Memory Size; 256kB RAM for M4, 2MB RAM for M7; 2048kB flash memory;
  • MicroSD card slot;
  • Integrated double redundancy sensors: 3-axis accelerometer and compass;
  • 3x PWM drivers for magnetorquers;
  • 6x analog inputs for sun sensor;
  • 6x external temperature sensors can be connected;
  • Three external gyroscope can be connected;
  • Interfaces: 2x I2C, 2x SPI, 2x USART, UART, USB serial port, CAN (optional);
  • Real Time Clock;
  • Flexible frequency eco-mode;
  • Weight: 58 g.;
  • 256Mbit Serial NOR Flash Memory;
  • 64Mbit Static RAM (Optional);
  • Connector for antenna deployment;
  • ProtoBoard area for easy connection of payload and access to main power and communication busses;
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