Protoboard includes

  • 5 hours of engineering support
  • Technical information
  • Packed in a custom box

Technical Specifications

  • PC104 form-factor;
  • Easy access to all 104 Pins of the CubeSat Kit Connector (with pin numbers in the silk screen);
  • Prototype area with standard spacing of 2.54mm (100mils) and additional 3.3V, 5V and GND pins;
  • Universal footprints - 2x SO-16, 2x SSOP-16, 2x TSSOP-16, 2 x SOT-23-6, 24 pin LCC, 18 pin LCC, 2x SMA, USB Mini B;
  • Additional mounting holes compatible with RaspberryPI B+, RaspberryPI 2, Arduino UNO, Arduino MEGA, Arduino preUno, Arduino Nano and others;
  • Lightweight - only 28 g;
  • 104 Pins CubeSat Kit Connector - ready;
  • Available also with machine-soldered 104 Pins Samtec connectors;
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