Earth Applications

Earth Applications

Space is closer than you think!

Satellites are vital for our modern society. Operating your own infrastructure in space and leveraging this know-how provides you with outstanding advantages on both a commercial and a research level

Advancement through spacecraft applications




Ensuring stable point-to-point communication is vital for the development of remote areas. EnduroSat provides solutions for reliable communication covering the needs of exploration missions, remote area activities, logistics and transfer of sensitive data from point-to-point. CubeSats will form the basis for the development of the IoT industry by providing interconnectivity on a global level, bridging the gap between ground devices and space infrastructure. Smart devices, materials and sensors will soon encompass the entire planet and will bring a new meaning to the word “connected”.


CUBESAT APPLICATIONS: Communications – Earth to space, space to Earth and spacecraft to spacecraft; IoT connectivity; hybrid communication services; point-to-point communication


Tracking and Logistics


All businesses on the ground depend on efficient and precise logistics. Tracking of cars, ships, airplanes and trucks, re-transmitting telemetry data, and providing an additional layer of support to complex logistic operations are only part of EnduroSat’ capabilities in this field. Our CubeSats can complement existing services and provide custom-built solutions in concrete segments of the market: additional tracking systems, monitoring and control of logistical processes and other applications.


CUBESAT APPLICATIONS: Tracking systems and navigation, monitoring and control of logistical processes, precise localization, others


Disaster management


When natural disaster strikes, the local authorities require adequate support and timely information. At EnduroSat, we provide our partners with a unique capability to own and operate CubeSats in orbit for the purpose of Earth monitoring, disaster management and relief efforts for natural and man-made disasters. Adding an additional layer of support for prevention, reaction and analysis of natural disasters and providing timely data when needed, helps the rescuers and the local authorities to save human lives.


CUBESAT APPLICATIONS: Meteorology, weather forecasting, disaster management and relief efforts planning, weather prediction and human disaster prevention




EnduroSat’s unique partnership with SPACEPORT / / – the biggest European online platform for space education – opens an entirely new approach to cutting-edge space studies by connecting directly real spacecraft mission design and operations, and e-learning. Preparing the next generation of explorers, scientists and engineers is an integral part of EnduroSat’s vision to create an outstanding civil-driven space capability in diverse regions around the globe.


Our team is providing support for educational programs by donating modules and offering educational CubeSat systems for practice-oriented activities. One of the major goals of EnduroSat is to connect practical and online space education.


CUBESAT APPLICATIONS: Space science and technology education, space engineering and architecture, advanced online education


Earth Observation


A better understanding of the nature of Earth on a regional and global level is essential for the development of a sustainable economy. Protecting the environment and analyzing the impact of Human activities on Earth is vital for the improvement of life. Collecting data and interpreting it is essential for management of natural resources on local and regional level.


CUBESAT APPLICATIONS: Agriculture, Forestry, Geology, Risk management, Environment, and Defense