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cubesat applications category-energy


NanoSat services bring paradigm shift in global energy sector monitoring and management, providing unprecedented connectivity in every place on the Planet.

  • Lower carbon emissions

    EnduroSat provides satellite services for efficiently tracking emissions on daily basis and optimising emissions management. Our satellites help you save costs and improve sustainability of your business

  • Lower costs of operations

    Efficient tracking and planning are vital for sustainable operations. EnduroSat satellite services provide next gen on-demand connectivity and telemetry data for remote operations and energy production monitoring.

  • Improved predictive maintenance

    Knowing what will break when will lead to significant cost reduction for maintenance and will cut downtime in energy production and transportation. EnduroSat satellite services enable on average 25% better predictive maintenance in terms of timing and cost, resulting in tens of millions of USD savings for energy companies.

  • Live-time monitoring of infrastructures

    Live-time monitoring of infrastructures enables efficient predictive maintenance saving millions of USD in losses. EnduroSat offers custom satellite missions for monitoring and predictive management.

  • Safety, security, and crew backbone service

    Live-time monitoring of infrastructures enables efficient predictive maintenance saving millions of USD in losses. EnduroSat offers custom satellite missions for monitoring and predictive management.

  • Real-time tracking

    Real-time tracking enables energy companies to monitor their global infrastructure and energy production. EnduroSat provides CubeSat-based data solutions, connecting the furthest points of your business with a cloud-based control centre.

  • Regulatory monitoring

    Monitoring and timely information are mandatory for regulatory bodies. Energy production, trading and logistics tracking are all part of EnduroSat’ Satellite as a Service offering. We can develop custom CubeSat missions and deliver vital data to regulatory and control agencies.

cubesat applications category-mobility


There is no better way to connect vehicles in remote areas than a global data service based on NanoSats.

  • Real-time tracking

    EnduroSat satellite solutions include real-time tracking capability. Providing relevant data on vehicle movement and transportation of goods is a must for the Mobility sector.

  • Fleet management

    EnduroSat offers unique fleet management service. Tracking and monitoring of vehicle fleets optimises logistics and brings immediate cost-savings. EnduroSat offers custom satellite services based on latest IoT sensors and cutting-edge CubeSats.

  • Logistics optimization

    Route optimization and efficient management leads to significant time and cost-savings. EnduroSat Satellite as a Service offers capability for tracking and monitoring of cargo and vehicles on global scale.

  • Emergency response

    Responding quickly to emergencies is vital for saving human lives and mitigating financial losses. Live-time tracking and telemetry enables new layer of information in support of rescue and recovery efforts.

  • Cargo analytics

    Tracking cargo and optimising carriers routes brings significant cost-savings. EnduroSat offers customs-built satellite solutions that enable customers to improve their control over complex logistics using latest generation of CubeSats. IoT sensors attached to the cargo transmit data directly to the satellites in orbit. Immediately the data is re-transferred to the cloud for analysis and visualisation. EnduroSat offers ready-to-use data visualisation apps as part of the service.

cubesat applications category-disaster-management


NanoSats provide unique capability to monitor and assess the environment on global scale.

  • Predictive forecast for natural disasters

    Providing lifetime data for weather prediction, EnduroSat service helps predict and react faster to natural disasters. Satellite data, combined with aggregated data from sensors on the ground are directly transmitted to cloud-based applications, making the detection of natural phenomena and potential disasters immediate.

  • Disaster monitoring

    When disaster strikes provision of timely information becomes essential for saving human lives. EnduroSat data service can provide real-time data from locations impacted by natural disasters to search and rescue forces on the ground as well as to regional and international agencies.

  • Disaster management

    EnduroSat cloud-based Mission Control and ready-to-use applications enable search and rescue teams to optimise the relief efforts strategy and action plan. EnduroSat has capability to gather data from IoT sensors on the ground in regions devastated by natural disasters as well as to provide point-to-point data service.

  • Connectivity and tracking for relief efforts

    Ensuring connectivity and tracking during relief efforts guarantees better chance to save human lives. EnduroSat has capability to deploy data satellite service in support to search and rescue teams in remote and difficult to access areas.