Space Services

Education & Training

We work closely with Space Challenges Academy - the leading space educational program in CEE and Spaceport Platform - the biggest online space educational program in Europe in preparation of future workforce.

By leveraging the knowledge and capabilities acquired during the past 10 years of cooperation with these programs, we are able to deliver outstanding training programs for the implementation of future space missions.

Our trainings are custom made based on the background and requirements of the customer.

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Downlink made simple

  • Ready-to-use digital Ground Station service
  • Online GS scheduler
  • Instant access to digital Mission Control
  • Instant & secured access to your data

Our Ground Station Configurator allows you to input multiple GS configurations for frequency, modulation, polarization and protocols.

Verify all optimal passes for your satellite based on its orbit and our antenna availability. Book them with a single click.

Get your data immediately through our AWS-based service.

Digital Mission Control

Digital Mission Control

Satellite Operations made simple

  • Uplink commands on the go
  • Telemetry and data handling through unique app
  • Focus on your mission

Our digital Mission Control revolutionizes the way satellites are operated!

Get regular telemetry updates through EnduroSat OS. Data-visualization and analysis embedded in our online application let you see what matters immediately. Quick set-up options based on your specific requirements.

Process and uplink commands during your satellite’ passes. Our intuitive user interface turns burdensome mission control sequences into a game-changing experience.

Manage and access your files securely through our cloud-based service.

Mission Analysis and Design

Mission Analysis and Planning

Our Mission Analysis & Design is tailored to create a specific mission scenario for you.

Provide us with high-level requirements and we will deliver:

  • Tailor-made CubeSat bus architecture
  • Select proper orbit
  • Deliver concrete mission scenario
  • Provide Mission operations as a service

You will receive a detailed Mission Design corresponding to your goals, based on extensive research and simulations. It’s time to get serious about your space mission!

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Custom Payload Integration

Focus on what matters

  • Emphasis on the payload
  • Custom-built payload
  • Flawless integration of payload & CubeSat
  • Extensive testing to ensure mission success

Our extensive experience with payload integration and testing allows us to design, build and test an entire satellite platform around your needs. EnduroSat modules support all commonly used interface options and provide a wide variety of power and volume configurations. Choose the best options for your mission. Focus on what you do best, and we’ll support your success.

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Launch Assistance


Easier access to Space

  • Provision of optimal launch options
  • Support in every step of deployment
  • Complete mission insurance

End-to-end satellite service with industry-leading price/performance.

EnduroSat cooperates directly with leading launch operators. Using extensive mission analysis expertise our team ensures optimal launch and deployment.

Let us help you get to space faster!

We make sure that everything goes according to plan. EnduroSat works with trusted insurance brokers, covering all risks.

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CubeSat Platforms


We provide state-of-the-art CubeSat platforms based on your needs. We speak in numbers - give us your requirements and we will meet them. Unmatched performance and price for complete 1U-6U nanosatellite solutions.

CubeSat Applications

EnduroSat Satellite OS

EnduroSat OS changes the way satellites are programmed and operated. We provide you with a single framework where you can develop, run and even update your platform’s software in flight. Our own command-based language guarantees the correct operation of each module and your entire system enabling you to do what you want to do simply and efficiently.

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