Advanced avionics and data processing


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Streamlined Satellite Development And Testing

Simplifies software development, hardware configuration and testing for software-defined satellites

€ 40,000
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10+ Months
7+ developers
4000+ engineering hours
10+ months

Bus Setup & Integration
Off-the-shelf handling of bus protocol & communication through a single interface. No driver development needed.
gain 3 months
free up 2 engineers
New Feature Validation
Adding new telecommands & telemetry for the satellite or payload instantaneously. Seamless mission database import.
gain 3 months
free up 2 engineers
AIT Tools
Automate testing through API/library available in popular scripting languages. Perform end-to-end tests with detailed diagnostics.
gain 3 months
free up 2 engineers
Space for All

Traditionally, space data has been costly, complex, and exclusive to governments and major corporations, a challenge EnduroSat is committed to solving.

Simple Setup

Step 1
Plug your device or satellite
Step 2
Open Dashboard
Step 3
Start Development

Next-gen satellite
development & ait

Streamline your setup and send instant
telecommands via cable or radio.

Handle automatically all parsing between binary data and user input/output.

Telecommands on a click away

Custom health and testing information at your fingertips

Create own dashboards
full media

Import new telemetry and telecommands database automatically as you develop your mission

Import/Export Workspaces


  • Handling of EnduroSat
  • Communication Protocol Stack (ESPS)
  • Available as an API/library
  • Suitable for local development / AIT
  • Communication via wire
  • Communication via radio
  • Secure (Encrypted Communication)
  • Telecommand and Telemetry
  • Database
  • User Interface
  • Dashboards


Plug & play connection to the satellite
Send telecommand via cable or radio
Predefined dashboards
Per year
Single Year Subscription
SpaceDev Pro
Manage satellite configuration properties
Access to all available telecommands
Drag & drop new telecommand definitions
Fully customizable dashboards
Synchronize your entire setup & configuration
Per year
40 000
Single Year Subscription
Per year
35 000
3 - Year Subscription
Per year
30 000
5 - Year Subscription

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